Making unashamed use of free internet tonight. The difficulties in getting good internet access have  been one of the low points. Dave has written before about his battles with various ISPs…and if we want to do anything involving pictures, it just eats the data. So, lots of pictures…I’m writing this in the harbor at Appingedam, […]

On Monday 14 August, the morning had a real tinge of Autumn in the air. I can’t explain exactly what that is, except to say it was cooler, but still sunny, with the sun at that angle which makes everything look well-defined without being dazzling. The sort of day you need to Get Up and […]

Two things in particular, strike me as being very different between the UK and The NL. They are cycling and wildlife. I didn’t really know what to expect from the wildlife here, although I’d read that the Dutch use a lot of chemicals on their farming land, that it’s essentially an urban environment, very flat […]

I wish I’d been born in The NL – I would like to truly belong here. I often try to design my ‘Utopia’ and the more I see of this place, the more I think it fulfills my deepest wishes. I was born in a northern British city (Leeds) and although I have great affection, or […]

Maandag 7 August: our mission: to get to Groningen to avert a chemical toilet-related disaster. Such is the everyday glamour of journeying in a foreign country in an 8 metre wooden sailing boat. For several days, we moored in ‘civilised’ places, where there were facilities and shops, but the downside was that we were surrounded […]

We’re on the Turf Route. Such a contrast to where we were before. No open stretches of water, instead a narrow and shallow waterway, passing through small villages, with a surprising number of mildewed, abandoned boats along the way. It’s usual for waterside houses to have a slide like this, so kids can propel themselves […]

It’s not all gravy living on a boat. In fact, there isn’t any gravy at all- as although I could cook a roast, I choose not to, especially when it’s hot. There are still daily chores and some of these are more difficult than the chores for land-lubbers. For instance: when you use the loo in […]