…for boating and it’s just about ended. They couldn’t make it clearer if they put on their pyjamas and made me a cup of cocoa. Recently the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Today the wind was blowing at 25mph at 2pm, tomorrow at 8am the gusts could be up to 47 mph. […]

Write the word¬†‘HAZARD’ on the floor and I can and probably will fall over it! This is one of the reasons we don’t have any pets on board our 8 metre wooden sailing boat, Lady Christina. To be fair, our family animals are (i)a cat and I don’t think she’d like living afloat and (ii)¬† […]

Once upon a time, narrowboats plied the UK waterways, carrying freight. If you see a narrowboat nowadays, it’s more likely to carry holiday-makers than gravel , coal or grain. Instead of a large cargo space and a cramped living space for the Boater and his family, there’ll be 2 or even 4 berths, a cooker, […]

Rather than a ‘straight through’ tour, we’re going round in circles. Not necessarily a bad thing. We more or less started this voyage in Leeuwarden in April, when it was VERY COLD. It was impossible to be out and about without wearing all our clothes at once. On Easter Sunday, our collapsible bucket, which we’d […]

We left Fryslan for a 6 week tour of the northern and less well-known bits, partly to avoid the crowds and also to see more of this amazing place. We’ve found that places which are only mentioned in the guide books as ‘has rubbish disposal and moorings’ are often more interesting than those which have […]

In the northern NL now, after some trials and tribulations. Yesterday, we met with our friends, Peter and Inneke, who also have a Finesse. And they really did bring it here from the UK themselves. We sailed across the Lauwersmeer in their boat, which is very similar to ours, but also different in ways which […]

About a week ago, we were moored ona narrow, shallow and just about deserted stretch of canal – stuck because we’d got after the bridge operator had gone home for tea.     We rather like being in quiet places. This was very quiet. We weren’t even on a Visitor’s Mooring, rather the remains of […]