We got to Groningen, by getting up and setting off early, while there was a ‘lull’ inthe wind and torrential rain, amazed at getting through all the bridges without waiting. The simultaneous red and green lights which means the bridge is preparing to open,is a very welcome sight. We only had to wait for the […]

where we set off from Leeuwarden to Groningen, have a planned stop at Dokkum, sail to Engwerium, rain and wind send us back to Dokkum, try again to get to Groningen but stopped by rain and closed bridges at Garnwerd. Last Monday, after a taste of summer in Leeuwarden, the plan was to go to […]

It’s good to be outside, in the sunshine. Compared with people who are confined indoors, for whatever reason: illness, disability, work, fear, danger or imprisonment, I feel very fortunate. Apart from the facts that the sun shining on our skin makes Vitamin D and exposure to natural light is a natural anti-depressant, being outdoors, especially […]

It’s always best to start your day with a problem! This morning’s was milk in the bilges. Let me explain. The bilges are the spaces under the floorboards and they get wet: either by water draining into them from the deck after it’s rained or by water getting in when you’re sailing and tilted over. […]

Always trying to get the most out of each day and this means planning, so that if it’s fine we can put up the sails and go, rather than having to slog to the shop because we’ve run out of milk and bread for breakfast. That sort of thing. I’ve said before that there’s a […]

We’ve seen more than one boat called Carpe Diem and it seems to be the prevailing attitude here. The sun came out on Saturday – as promised. And so did the people. The main street of Joure was busy on Saturday morning and even the dull old English peopleĀ  (us!) enjoyed a coffee out of […]

Motored to Joure yesterday- it’s the other side of the Sneekamer. Our final voyage last year was across the Sneekemer-some of you have seen the video clip of us being bumped and splashed in a Force 5. The forecast was for Force 3 until 11am, then Force 4 and rising to Force 5 by 3pm. […]