Our itinerant lifestyle means that we see a lot of different places – that’s part of the reason for being in The NL; it’s worth temporarily sacrificing our perfectly comfortable house back in the UK. Yesterday we stopped over night in Engwierum, somewhere between the Lauwersemeer and Dokkum .  Described somewhere by it’s location gives […]

What a change within a couple of days, from double socks, three sweaters, hat, gloves and coat to Tshirt and thin trousers and still being too hot. That’s Europe for you (although I believe the same conditions prevail in Blighty too!) We’re now in Groningen, an important university town in the north of The NL, […]

Tot Ziens, First Ship’s (stuffed) Dog, fell into the bilges yesterday and sustained a wet bottom. I’m happy to report that a spell on deck in the sunshine has restored him and his nether regions, to full, functioning capacity. For the uninitiated, the bilges are the space in between the floorboards and the bottom of […]

Continuing the ‘Eleven Fountains’ theme, we visited Bolsward, long one of our favourites.  Although it’s like having a massive box of delicious chocs and having to say which is the best. Impossible! Anyway, the fountain in Bolsward is a bat. It’s a bronze cast, so it has lovey, realistic ‘bat lines’, it was working and […]

You saw it first here: the launch of the Sailing Elfstedentocht. You will remember that the Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Race) has previously been done on ice skates, scooters, bikes and also by swimming and walking. I can now reveal that there is a Sailing Elfstedentocht too. And what’s more, Lady Christina is going to win […]

Europe!  Y’know – that big place that the UK are running away from…. When I tell people we are living on our boat in The NL, travelling to embrace the culture, meet the people, attempt to understand the language and shop in Jumbo, they might imagine us gently cruising along canals, down streets lined with gabled […]

As a complete contrast to our previous rural existence, we’ve spent some time in Amsterdam (OK, only one afternoon) and Utrecht (3 days). In Amsterdam,birds are very keen on their food. This Heron was hanging around outside an Italian restaurant, deciding whether or not to go in. And the pigeon was making a nuisance of […]

It’s often said, in reply to doom-laden( or sensible – depending on your life position) predictions about our future on Planet Earth, that we can and will decamp elsewhere anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Make hay while the sun shines or fiddle while Rome burns – or whatever. I reckon the Dutch are way ahead […]

We moored last night in Joure, which is fast becoming my favourite place.  Why? Well, the harbour is small, well equipped, the staff are friendly and mooring is inexpensive. But all this is outclassed by the neighbours. There’s a rookery in the park next door and the rooks are magnificent. When we were here in […]

Been a bit of an odd week or so. But then again, it wouldn’t be so much fun here if everything was predictable. Going past barges of this size is becoming fairly usual though. The NL has an excellent internal transport system: flowers, food, manufactured goods, sand and gravel, building materials and even machinery and […]