Category Preparations


Either my memory’s failing or seven months is long enough to totally forget what you own. When we re-stocked the boat in March, the things it contained were a surprise and a delight. There are. for instance three Ship’s Cats. Let me explain. Top Cat is ‘Mrs Chippy’ of South Atlantic fame. The original Mrs […]

Avoiding flotsam and jetsam

Paring down our lives so they will fit on the 24 foot boat with-a-bowsprit, has been harder than I thought. There isn’t a lot of storage space and some of it is designated for essentials, like:life-jackets, sails, chemical toilet fluids, batteries and spare diesel. I didn’t think we had a lot of stuff, because our […]

D day plus or minus?

  We should be starting our ‘Netherlands in a 24 foot boat with a bowsprit’ adventure tomorrow. I’m gutted (literally) to say this is not the case. Departure is postponed until I’m fit for polite company and no longer a Risk To Public Health.