Update March 29th 2018:

The RYA assumes that the current arrangements will remain in place an applicable until December 2020 (ie for the duration of the transition arrangements).

The following points are all up for negotiation at this time, on the assumption that the UK will leave the EU:

  1. At present, non-residents of the EU may only visit EU countries for 90 days out of any 180 day period. (This is a little like car insurance, which can’t stretch for more than 90 days- but you may have another 90 days non-concurrently at the discretion of your policy). The UK is already not a part of the Schengen Area (in which passport checks and visas are waived), and the Schengen agreement has been subsumed into EU law. Therefore we are not in a good place for changing our travel status and may well end up with maximum 90 day visit durations.
  2. Visits to and from the EU by recreational boats need to be covered by visas (or a lack of them) that acknowledge the non-commercial use of boats.
  3. A British boat needs to retain its status as ‘Union Goods’ – that is, made in the EU and able to cross internal borders without re-declaring VAT-paid status.
  4. Other regulations currently exist for approved certification of training, which needs to be maintained.

Lady Christina already has the appropriate Union Goods paperwork and Schengen forms for her crew. Nevertheless we anticipate that visits to the Netherlands may well be parcelled up into 90-day parcels from 2019 onwards.


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