Sail cargo ships

There are a number of ambitious individuals who believe that ships can move cargo under the impress of that new-fangled fuel, ‘wind‘. Here are a few:

tres hombres
Tres Hombres, A brigantine, sailing trans-Atlantic for the Fairtransport company.



Nordlys, built on the Isle of Wight in 1873, 25m and 48 tonnes. Immediately after a 2 year renovation a fishing boat smashed the stern. Now on routes between UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark etc. See
Hawila:  due to set sail towards the North Sea and the western Norwegian fjords. Join the voyage! Later, after a winter on the dry dock, Hawila will be ready to sail commercially across Europe with a cargo hold of 40 tons.


Avontuur- a gaff rigged schooner, 43.5m long and out there carrying rum and chocolate:


Grayhound: British and launched in 2012 and you can book short trips on her. The Grayhound sails two cross-channel cargo routes. The ‘Muscadet’ Route and the ‘Johnny Route’. The Muscadet route refers to the wine region in Nantes, where they annually  load locally grown wine. What are you waiting for?




WASP ecoliner
The ecoliner WASP at the design stage in the Netherlands. 138m long and 11850 tonnes, carrying up to 4000 square metres of sail.