Eye candy

What I absolutely love about this place is the way that even ‘ordinary’ houses  and buildings are of such high quality and are usually embellished with something either beautiful or amusing. I wonder how much this helps the Netherlanders to be so happy and relaxed.

Some doors and windows in Groningen.

This is on the outside wall of a block of flats in Sneek – just for fun!

People make a lot of their windowsills.

Here’s an unusual window treatment – this is a shop, I think.

Ceramics outside a hotel in Workum.

A bird hide and some colourful houses.

and finally…they seem determined to pave everywhere. Makes the cycling easier.

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  1. When we visited the Netherlands years ago, it was the pretty window treatments in houses that we noticed; the ornate, lace cafe-net curtains and decorative plaques. Very pretty window trees tents in general 🙂

    1. We think that the displays in the windows are a small version of the freely visible reception rooms that the slightly larger houses have. They display the taste of the occupants without showing the whole room.

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