On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

Five folding things.
Once upon a time we were in Arras and it was very cold. Our ferry from Lune Plage (called Dunkirk on the website) wasn’t due to depart for hours and hours. We walked around the town saying things like, ‘Regardez, la boulangerie!’ and ‘Je suis froid. Tres froid!’ Then we saw the posh kitchen shop. Saved by the Sabatier. Maybe it was the cold, or the feeling of desperation that did it, but we bought some folding kitchen scales.

DSCN1710 Felt a bit foolish later on, as they were very expensive. But they’re just the job on a boat, enabling me to make scones or crumbles, check portion sizes for pasta and vegetables and just marvel at their utility and the small amount of space they take up.


It’s much safer to light the gas cooker with a lighter, rather than matches. We didn’t intend to have a folding lighter, but that’s what was available. (see above) What are we going to do with all this saved space? The boat just gets bigger and bigger.

I’ve mentioned before the necessity of taking the chemical toilet to the disposal point. So in the spare space in the engine compartment, there’s a folding trolley. Problem solved. (no picture available)

Every boat needs a bucket and this one folds up and stores under the floor.

The only trouble is that when full of water, cooling down some cans of beer, it’s easy to knock into it and collapse it. And guess what happens next.

And finally, the bikes. Cycling was one of the major things we missed by not being in the UK. And the fact that almost everyone cycles in The NL really rubbed salt in the wound. We didn’t think we could fit bikes anywhere on the boat. It’s small. Extremely small. But then we stopped thinking in a conventional way, eg. bikes folded up and hung on the stern or stored on the front deck and realised we could have ‘movable’ folding bikes So, when the boat is moving, the bikes are folded and stored on one of the bunks.

It it’s raining, they’re in the cockpit with the rain cover over them and if we’re moored, they’re locked to the nearest lamp post or other immovable object. Now we can cover greater distances on land, and faster too and feel we’ve integrated a bit more effectively. Two wheels good!

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