Win a few…

Did the laundry today in Dokkum.  Much easier than the last time, when I walked about 3km round the outside of the town to (i) locate the launderette – this turned out to be a two washers and one dryer in a stand-alone structure on a petrol station forecourt – and find out how much it cost (ii) return to the boat, pick up the washing and go back to the launderette by previously described circuitous route (iii) return to boat by quicker route – about half the distance – and have lunch- (iv) back to load the dryer and do some other errands (v) collect the dry washing. No need to take any other exercise that day.
Today it was even better as we found another launderette about 0.5 km away. When I took the wet washing out there was a one Euro coin in the drum. Either left in a trouser pocket by us or just the gleanings from someone else.
Things do seem to balance out. Early in the trip, we rewarded ourselves with French onion soup and a couple of beers in a bar, after a day’s sailing. Dave had a second beer – sailing gets you like that! When we examined the bill later on, we realised they’d charged us for 3 soups as well as 3 beers. The soup was so delicious it was still worth it.
In our second week here, we wanted to buy flowers for our very ‘Dutch’ vase on the boat. But only 3 tulips, as the vase is small. The roadside stall sold tulips in bunches of 5 – we asked if we could buy 3 and they said ‘yes’. Then gave us them for free, as they didn’t know what to charge!

Finally today, trying to leave Dokkum via the two lifting road bridges. Remember we had some delay here last time because there are two bridges operated by one man, who has to cycle between them? Very windy today, so waiting wasn’t easy. No-one at the first bridge. We waited…and waited…phoned the number which turned out to be incorrect…called the bridge up on VHF radio…no reply. Finally I got off the boat (not easy in the wind) and jogged to the next bridge to see what was what. No-one there either. Eventually got a phone message from Dave that the bridge keeper had turned up…there’d been some altercation about paying the bridge fee as the 5 Euro note was in my pocket -I’m one bridge away – Dave came through, picked me up – not easy…remember the wind? and we went through the second bridge, but we couldn’t pay the fee because there wasn’t a way for the keeper to let the collecting clog down on a fishing line.
So today, I think we were doubly rewarded for former difficulties. Nice when that happens!

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