How to not get mobile broadband

Step1: Buy an R207 mobile broadband device from Vodafone. It’s a router that thinks it’s a phone but without the phone part.

Step2: Spend 4 days trying to find out how to top up data. We bought it with 1GB so we would need to buy more. Vodafone finally admit that you can’t top up the data until your existing data has run out (which stops you going online to top up the data!)

Step 3: Go abroad and try to go online. All the data has gone. In a Vodafone shop in Drachten we are told that is a separate company from, so the data will not roam. (I was assured that it would.)

Step 4: Buy a new SIM in the dutch Vodafone shop with 1GB of dutch data.

Step 5: Find out that the British R207 will not work with the dutch SIM without being unlocked. Ask Vodafone helpchat to give you the unlock key. Helpchat person fills out your unlock request form for you.

Step 6: Receive email from Vodafone that tells you that they will not unlock the SIM until you have used it for 30 days. Obviously this is hard unless you use the SIM in a phone, and the R207 is not a phone. And we don’t want to wait 30 days. But the deal clincher is that there is a £19.99 charge for the unlock code when it finally comes. (The R207 only cost £24.)

-A pre-Brexit story brought to you by free community broadband from Lady Christina



2 thoughts on “How to not get mobile broadband

  1. Hmm, it can only get better with EU wide roaming at no extra charge in June… oh, but will Brexit have screwed that by then?
    In the mean time, how long does it take to get an amateur radio licence?

    1. Ah there is more news on this. What you ACTUALLY do is you turn your smartphone into a mobile hotspot and just buy a GiffGaff data goodybag.Then you throw the Vodafone thing in the canal (kanaal). OK, not the actual canal- the Recycling Canal xx

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