Why not?

This sign is all over Wijk bij Duursted and the surrounding villages, plus the information that 89% of people said ‘No’ to a local windfarm.

I don’t understand why, unless it’s NIMBYism. The NL are usually very keen on wind energy, there are turbines everywhere, taking advantage of the copious breeze. Maybe there is a specific and compelling reason why they are thinking like this here.

It made me think. In my opinion, a lot of people, or even a majority, wanting something, doesn’t make guarantee they are making the best choice. But anyone making a decision and seeing it executed, has to own the consequences, if it turns out badly. Of course, the direct opposite of this isĀ  a single dictator or a dictatorial government making all the decisions. .They could argue that they do this because they are better informed than the general population. But they still might be deciding to favour their own best interests, rather than the good of the population. Again, it might not turn out well and the decision maker must own the results.

And…older doesn’t always mean wiser! Children! Rise up! But what you want us not necessarily what you need. And what you need isn’t always what you want. Ain’t life complicated? (and that’s even without Brexit and climate change.)

Otherwise, Wijk bij Duurstede is a delightful place, a tiny harbour where you can almost see the ghosts of fishing boats past. There’s a ferry, transporting workers across the Lek, beautiful streets and houses,

schoolkids coming home for lunch

and the big treat of a Rhine Cruiser coming into the harbour for an overnight stop.

It is a very windy place too. Perhaps they ought to reconsider.

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