‘Ups’ and ‘downs’

Always trying to get the most out of each day and this means planning, so that if it’s fine we can put up the sails and go, rather than having to slog to the shop because we’ve run out of milk and bread for breakfast. That sort of thing. I’ve said before that there’s a surprising amount to do on a small boat – mainly because if we don’t clean stuff and/or put it away, it’s in the way and also because lack of storage space means we have to replenish supplies regularly. And we have to be flexible, as we found out last Wednesday.
The day was going to be a combination of fun and adventure and ‘boat- keeping chores’. The Yacht Haven next door to our mooring in Woudsend

had a launderette, fresh water and chemical toilet disposal and the weather was getting better and better. The plan was to move to the Haven, hook up to the electricity to re-charge our batteries while we did the other chores and then sail to Iljst.  I decided not to have a hair cut because there wasn’t an appointment until the next day.  All  ‘ups’ so far.

Then the trouble started! As soon as we tried to moor, the wind got troublesome we were all fingers and thumbs and got the ropes wet,  ended up moored just near the entrance where, we realised  anyone else coming in and getting caught by the wind, could crash into us. Not good! Our wooden boat is much more fragile than the ‘polyester’ (as they call them here) cruisers or anything steel-hulled. And right on cue, a ‘poly-boat’ came in, flailed around adjusting position with its bow-thrusters and almost hit us. Several ‘downs’ – so we moved.

The trouble continued. We realised that our battery charger wasn’t working, so we weren’t managing to replenish our batteries. We need batteries for starting the engine, pumping hot air for heating, running the instruments and lights etc etc. And no battery charger meant we weren’t going anywhere. Definitely a ‘down’. I went off to do the laundry, make a hair appointment for the next day, (an ‘up’)and buy croissants and orange juice for a de-luxe breakfast tomorrow. Dave thought about things electrical, searched the internet and found a battery charger- in Sneek -about 15km away, so that decided what we were going to do for exercise in the afternoon. Sort of ‘up and down’.

Of course, the bike ride to Sneek was into a headwind, all the way (definitely a ‘down’) and at one point we had to dismount and walk because a gang of workmen were resurfacing the path. As they do here… frequently. By the time we’d paid more than we really wanted to for a new battery charger, we felt we deserved a reward, so we had coffee and cheesecake outside the Restaurant ‘Onder des Lindens’ in the main square. In the sunshine! An ‘up’. Hurrah!

The ‘ups’ continued. Contrary to the usual rule of cycling anywhere, the wind hadn’t turned round, so we had a tailwind all the way back, making the journey easier and faster and then the Harbour Master called for our mooring fee, was surprised we hadn’t moved as planned and decided to give us a free mooring as compensation for our difficult day. Definitely several ‘ups’ there. And I managed to make a pizza for dinner, despite having run out of tomato sauce or mushrooms.

My shopping earlier hadn’t been thoroughly planned. This counts as an ‘up’ after a ‘down’.

More ‘ups’ on Thursday morning, with a fabulous breakfast, bought the day before.

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