Carpe diem!

We’ve seen more than one boat called Carpe Diem and it seems to be the prevailing attitude here. The sun came out on Saturday – as promised. And so did the people. The main street of Joure was busy on Saturday morning and even the dull old English people  (us!) enjoyed a coffee out of doors.  Later on, after cycling to the Sneekamer,  we were sitting on a bench, admiring the boats when  a couple asked if they could join us. They said because ‘she’ was tired. This was a woman of 84 and her husband was 90 years old. A good advert for the Dutch lifestyle!

We enjoyed a beer in the same cafe later. The place was packed, mainly with families enjoying either a pre-dinner drink and snack, or actually having dinner. While the parents chatted with their friends, the kids played, as kids do, amusing themselves just chasing each other around the paved area adjacent to the tables. Nobody seemed disturbed by kids and adults mixing socially like this…why don’t we do the same in the UK?We seem to have the attitude that the more we avoid each other, the better.

A completely different group of people were seizing the day, first thing this Sunday morning. About 100 bikers assembled at the café next to our mooring, drank coffee and chatted and then roared off, presumably to terrorise the roads! I jest. Although the image of bikers is often a bit scary, I think all these were social workers, early years teachers and founders of hedgehog rescue hospitals, in their Monday to Friday lives.

So we did a bit of seizing and went out for our first sail of the year. It started as a very calm business with gentle winds,got a bit more lively later on as the wind got up and the water got rougher, but still, really, really fun and great to be back! Lovely to see many Schutjers out on the water too.

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  1. Hi Mary and Dave.glad you are ok and have started your 2018 adventure. I have very much enjoyed reading the first lot of diary entries. I am truly jealous, but at the same time so very happy for you both living your dream. Keep the stories coming, I am looking forward to reading them and maybe feeling part of them. Love Inge xxx

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