There is a season…

…for boating and it’s just about ended. They couldn’t make it clearer if they put on their pyjamas and made me a cup of cocoa. Recently the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Today the wind was blowing at 25mph at 2pm, tomorrow at 8am the gusts could be up to 47 mph. Some people think that very windy weather is ‘good for sailing’. But unless you’re either extremely skilled and thinking of the Southern Ocean next year, or an adrenaline junkie, the best conditions for sailing in my opinion, are a constant Force 3 wind – or even a Force 4,( max 18mph) if I’m feeling very brave.

Not even sailing, but those waves were big and the tiller was very lively.
At the start of this trip, the most frequently asked question was, ‘Did you sail the boat here from the UK?’ The answer is ‘No’. There are many reasons. The North Sea is shallow and contrary to what you might think, shallow water gets more roughed-up by the wind. It’s also quite a windy place. Our boat chugs along using the motor at about 4 knots. Under sail it can be as slow as 2 knots in light winds or over 4 knots on exciting days. At these speeds it would take between 3 and 5 days, travelling non-stop to get from the UK to The NL. And we wouldn’t even be where we wanted to be. Add to that travelling at night, either one of us being in sole charge while the other one slept, being forced to sail as our fuel tank isn’t big enough for the trip and the fact that the insurance  for this trip would be prohibitive –  answer has to be ‘No, we didn’t,’  and ‘No, we wouldn’t!’ Even if it was possible, we wouldn’t, as this supposed to be an enjoyable trip and broken sleep for a few days on the trot isn’t my idea of fun.
We’re going back to the UK in a few days so Before I say ‘Tot ziens!’ I’ll share some of the stunning  views from this trip.

Autumnal Lady Christina dries some of her sails

Lady Christina with her raincoat on

Windy day on Zwartemeer

They’re very keen on this, whatever it’s called!

Appingedam’s claim to fame is it’s ‘Hanging kitchens’.

The wild flowers are a delight


It’s always a shame to see this…

Until  wo go home,  we’ll be de-commissioning. Drying the sails, changing the oil, putting anti-freeze in the engine, topping up the fuel tanks, as well as packing the car with everything we want to take home, buying some souvenirs and savouring our home-from-home, Grou Harbour.
. And just add that people have started asking us ‘Are you sailing back to the UK?’ I expect you know the answer to that one.
Tot ziens!

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