Things you wouldn’t see in the UK (probably)

Making unashamed use of free internet tonight. The difficulties in getting good internet access have  been one of the low points. Dave has written before about his battles with various ISPs…and if we want to do anything involving pictures, it just eats the data.

So, lots of pictures…I’m writing this in the harbor at Appingedam, listening to the half-hourly Carillon tunes.

ENORMOUS barges on Prinses Margret Kanal and other waterways. Just shows that they transport a lot of stuff by water here.

Groningen used to be known as ‘Cycling City’ Here are the commuters’ bikes, parked outside the  railway station.

Groningen has a lot of weird things in it – both these are pieces of street art, near the museum.

Goats are very popular and here is something we discovered in a woodland walk.

Obviously declaring the arrival of a baby!


model railway in a front garden.

As far as these last two go, I have no idea. Over to you! Suggestions  on a postcard please, (or in the comments section)

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