Month: April 2017

Sailing on the Sneekermeer

Sailed on the Sneekermeer near Sneek- the biggest centre of inland sailing in Friesland. Force 3 from the West. Lady Christina once again at her reassuring best with a great helm balance. She’s the expert and we’re the novices.

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Sailing at last (with actual sails y’know)

Sailed today on a small lake (about 800m long and very shallow). In light winds, Lady C. reminded us that she will tack at very low speeds – once she starts to turn she just keeps her long keel turning…

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Opening bridges

The mystery of bridges that are not opened by VHF request was laid to rest today by sailing up to one and reading the notices thereon. My translation site ( suggests the following, which is enough to get the gist:…

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How to not get mobile broadband

Step1: Buy an R207 mobile broadband device from Vodafone. It’s a router that thinks it’s a phone but without the phone part. Step2: Spend 4 days trying to find out how to top up data. We bought it with 1GB…

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Avoiding flotsam and jetsam

Paring down our lives so they will fit on the 24 foot boat with-a-bowsprit, has been harder than I thought. There isn’t a lot of storage space and some of it is designated for essentials, like:life-jackets, sails, chemical toilet fluids,…

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D day plus or minus?

  We should be starting our ‘Netherlands in a 24 foot boat with a bowsprit’ adventure tomorrow. I’m gutted (literally) to say this is not the case. Departure is postponed until I’m fit for polite company and no longer a…

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