Scene change

We’ve swapped this


for thisDSCN1863


We’ve noticed the meers getting busier and mooring becoming harder to find. Sailing isn’t as much fun if you have to keep trying to miss other boats! And the school holidays have started – it’s going to get even busier. We’ve already experienced a few boaters using the ‘crash and burn’ method of mooring and from what someone said to us, it can only get worse.

So we’re exploring an area called Overisjjel -more canals and rivers rather than meers.

The mast had to come down.


Lady Christina is now a cruiser, rather than a sailing boat, but still pretty.


This Lantern is visible for miles and is about the only noteworthy thing about Aldebourn


until the last Friday in August when they have a Boat Festival. Pity we won’t be here then.


It’s now more locks than lifting bridges and here, they are worked for us by helpful folk who appear, as if by magic, on bikes or silent electric scooters.


We watched closely, as further on in the voyage, we’ll have to do this for ourselves.


The staff on these waterways are unfailingly helpful and friendly and seem delighted to have a chance to practice their  English!


We’re in Gorredijk now – a small town with a canal running through the centre. It has a book shop, three supermarkets (two of them next to each other, but that doesn’t seem to matter) and of course, a ‘wool and craft shop’. In many towns here, two businesses share one building, so there’ll be a kitchen shop at the front and a toyshop at the back. Or one side of the shop is an optician’s and the other side sells wool and knitting needles. An interesting way to get round businesses with maybe small turnovers when rents are high.

We’ve been shopping at Albert Hein here. In Leeuwarden, the AH was tiny, more like a convenience store and aimed at students -although still very useful. Here it’s massive enough to confuse. Thank goodness they had lots of food to sample yesterday, so there was no danger of starvation as we explored.


  1. Love the pictures. Your new area sounds relaxing and looks very pretty 🙂 x


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