I thought that not having easy access to a bookshop would be my greatest challenge. So I got a Kindle. While I love the portability of a Kindle  and how easy and quick it is to download books onto it – I do miss the feel of a book in my hand and seeing books on the shelf.
We do have a bookshelf.  It’s an IKEA CD tower and it just fits into a small space (what other sort are there?) on this boat. We brought some books from home and then we found a bookshop in Leeuwarden which has an ‘Engels ‘ section.

The bookshop is a work of art in itself and we couldn’t resist buying several new books apiece.



But this meant we had run out of space. It’s no joke how small this boat is. So, what to do?
Then we noticed a sign saying that they bought second hand books. So this bookshop is now more like a library to us, than a shop. Except that money changes hands.



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