DSCN1000Either my memory’s failing or seven months is long enough to totally forget what you own. When we re-stocked the boat in March, the things it contained were a surprise and a delight.

There are. for instance three Ship’s Cats.

Let me explain.

Top Cat is ‘Mrs Chippy’ of South Atlantic fame. The original Mrs Chippy was actually a ‘he’ and was the beloved pet of HMS Endurance’s carpenter. (Hence the name) Sadly, when the crew had to abandon the ice bound and disintegrating Endurance,  they could only take  essentials with them and certainly couldn’t burden the expedition with another mouth to feed. So Mrs Chippy was shot.

She lives on however, courtesy of that resourceful race, the Chinese, who can make anything you want, as long as the price is right.Our  Mrs Chippy is fabricated from rabbit fur, moulded and stuffed into  realism and snoozes her life away on board. I swear she moves from cabin to galley to back deck when we’re not looking.

The second Ship’s Cat is carved from wood and  impregnated with scented oil. She lives in the toilet compartment. For obvious reasons.

And the third….

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