This sign is all over Wijk bij Duursted and the surrounding villages, plus the information that 89% of people said ‘No’ to a local windfarm. I don’t understand why, unless it’s NIMBYism. The NL are usually very keen on wind energy, there are turbines everywhere, taking advantage of the copious breeze. Maybe there is a […]

Literally ‘small, round pastry’  and this is the Dutch name for a cupcake. One of the things we like to do here is talk to Dutch people and language is one of the things we often talk about. On of the reasons we sometimes fail to make ourselves understood(but we do try) is that there […]

There’s a lot of it about. Every place we visit has some sort of ‘exposition’, even if it’s only information boards and plaques. The Dutch want you to know what you’re looking at or walking past, why it’s there and why it matters. We go to as many events and exhibitions as we can, but […]

It’s not usual for the Harbour Master to say, ‘I’m not allowed to take a mooring fee from you tomorrow,’ but this is what happened in Genemuiden on Saturday. Why? Well we discovered that Genemuiden is withing the Dutch ‘Bible Belt’ and thus there are strict rules about what can and cannot happen on the […]

Back in The NL and wondering how spending two and a half weeks in The UK has changed my perspective. I must say that the UK showed its best side while we were there: trees in full leaf, allotment excelling at growing couch grass and Red Kites in the sky. As we’re going on a […]

1st May- a retrospective It was my birthday and celebrating in a different country means that everything’s different. This, for instance, was my birthday card from Dave. Not just this picture, but the actuality! It’s customary in The NL to decorate your boat with bunting to celebrate a birthday – or anything worth celebrating. I’m […]

27th April is a public holiday in The NL, to honour the monarch’s birthday. It was the actual birthday of Queen Juliana and her grandson, King Willem has his official, special day on the same date. In the three years we’ve been here, the weather has never been less than appalling, but they haven’t altered […]