It’s not all gravy living on a boat. In fact, there isn’t any gravy at all- as although I could cook a roast, I choose not to, especially when it’s hot. There are still daily chores and some of these are more difficult than the chores for land-lubbers. For instance: when you use the loo in […]

We’ve swapped this for this Why? We’ve noticed the meers getting busier and mooring becoming harder to find. Sailing isn’t as much fun if you have to keep trying to miss other boats! And the school holidays have started – it’s going to get even busier. We’ve already experienced a few boaters using the ‘crash […]

You’d think that being in The NL, on a sailing boat, we’d be green – at least lime, even if not pea. We’ve got bikes as well. We always thought that The NL was a very green place – deepest bottle – but it seems this might not be the case. I’ve been reading about […]

We’re making the most of our present ability to move freely around Europe in our 8 metre wooden sailing boat, Lady Christina. We are NOT on holiday! Our aim is to get under the skin of this country, be fascinated and maybe bored, exhilarated by sailing and probably terrified sometimes, experience new things and realise […]

What I absolutely love about this place is the way that even ‘ordinary’ houses  and buildings are of such high quality and are usually embellished with something either beautiful or amusing. I wonder how much this helps the Netherlanders to be so happy and relaxed. Some doors and windows in Groningen. This is on the outside […]

After the horrible keel handle collides with wrist incident, we’d like to reassure you about our safety measures on board Lady Christina. Here you can see a restraining strap around the keel handle, so it can’t possibly cause a problem again. Thank goodness. You wear a life-jacket, of course. To make sure you can’t fall […]

Five folding things. Once upon a time we were in Arras and it was very cold. Our ferry from Lune Plage (called Dunkirk on the website) wasn’t due to depart for hours and hours. We walked around the town saying things like, ‘Regardez, la boulangerie!’ and ‘Je suis froid. Tres froid!’ Then we saw the […]